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Proactive Application

Barcelona, Catalunya [Cataluña], Spain

Job description

Nacar Design regularly publishes job openings for ID concept designers, ID implementation designers, UX researchers/designers, UI designers, VX designers, Graphic designers, Brand-designers, Mechanical Product Engineers, Lead-designers and Project-managers.

Perhaps you prefer not to wait for the next job offer that fits you, or you believe that you can contribute to Nacar Design and our clients with another specialty than those mentioned above. We like to get into contact with talented people who have a plan!

Job requirements

Consider that we need proof of the super-powers that you claim. In most of the cases a portfolio is required to sustain your proposal. A good portfolio showcases only excellent works and specifies your contribution in them.  It only contains imagery that you created yourself, and also showcases your skills relevant to these works, e.g. sketching, prototyping, or modelling. 

Since you are taking the initiative, please take some time to outline your proposal. Answer the following screening questions in a precise and concise way.